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Of the four books displayed on the main “Books” page and featured in the four subsequent pages, three are still in print, and one is still available to buy online in used copies.  Other books I have written or co-authored are available only in libraries or by chance in used bookstores.

Kvinnokamp och litteratur i USA och Sverige, Rabén och Sjögren, 1977.  This was my first real book, a popularized Swedish version of my Ph.D. dissertation, which was titled, in English, “Feminist Literary Criticism in the United States and Sweden.”  Occasionally I’ll run into a reference to it online that identifies it as an old, historic artifact in the history of Scandinavian women’s literature.

Living with Chronic Illness: Days of Patience and Passion, The Free Press of Macmillan, Inc., 1987.  This book, my first trade publication after leaving academe, went through a hardcover edition, a Bantam trade paperback edition, and a Bantam mass market edition before going out of print.  I resold the rights to Hazelden Books in 1999 and agreed to do a revision and update of the text.  I wish I hadn’t agreed to a change in title, because it causes confusion and because my daughter thinks the new title, The Chronic Illness Experience, sounds like an amusement park ride.

Mothers—Saviours—Peacemakers: Swedish Women Writers in the Twentieth Century, Kvinnolitteraturforskning IV (Volume 4 of the Report from the Research Project on Swedish Women Authors at the Department of Literature, University of Uppsala, Sweden, 1983.)  This volume, shared with excerpts from three dissertations underway, includes essays of mine on Ellen Key, Selma Lagerlöf, and Anna Lenah Elgström, a reprint of my review essay on literary criticism published in 1980 in Signs: A Journal of Women in Culture and Society, and a bibliography of my work up to 1983.

Living Faith: Stories from the First 150 Years, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Minneapolis, MN, 2007.  Co-researched and co-authored with Jacqueline R. de Vries and produced by a great photography and design team, this is a beautifully illustrated coffee table book published to commemorate Westminster’s sesquicentennial.  We wanted it to be a serious history that looked critically, not just fondly, at the church’s history and interpreted it in the context of city and state history and the history of the Presbyterian denomination.  I think we did a creditable job of that. Copies of this book are for sale at Westminster Church.

A Telling Presence, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Minneapolis, MN, 1982.  For the church’s 125th anniversary, I was called in to edit a congregational history written by a committee assigned a chapter apiece.  This was a more celebratory, in-house account of church life.  There are plenty of volumes left over, if you want one.

Sexism in Education, The Emma Willard Task Force, 1971.  If you are a teacher, retired or near retirement, and you were concerned about equal opportunity for your female students in the 1970s, chances are you ran across this thin gold or tan paperbound book, size 8 1/2 by 11 inches.  If you were really eager, you may have seen it first as a packet of loose sheets (collated on my dining room table) collected in a yellow folder.  We were a small and fluctuating group and we all contributed in our own ways.  As the member most inclined to put words on paper, I ended up writing a good chunk of it.  It sold by word of mouth and the news carried around the world.  We loved mailing off copies to Australia.