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Cheri’s Books


The Big Marsh: The Story of a Lost Landscape

Under the corn and soybean fields of southern Minnesota lies the memory of vast, age-old wetlands, drained away over the last 130 years in the name of agricultural progress. But not everyone saw wetlands as wasteland. Before 1900, Freeborn County’s Big Marsh provided a wealth of resources for the neighboring communities. Families hunted its immense flocks of migrating waterfowl, fished its waters, trapped muskrats and mink, and harvested wood and medicinal plants. As farmland prices rose, however, the value of the land under the water became more attractive to people with capital. While residents fought bitterly, powerful outside investors overrode local opposition and found a way to drain 18,000 acres of wetland at public expense.

Author Cheri Register stumbled upon her great-grandfather’s scathing critique of the draining and was intrigued. Following the clues he left, she uncovers the stories of life on the Big Marsh and of the “connivers” who plotted its end: the Minneapolis land developer, his local fixer, an Illinois banker, and the lovelorn local lawyer who did their footwork.

The Big Marsh, an environmental history told from a personal point of view, shows the enduring value of wild places and the importance of the fight to preserve them, both then and now.
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Beyond Good Intentions: A Mother Reflects on Raising Internationally Adopted Children

Written in retrospect after 20+ years of childraising, this book discusses 10 practices internationally adoptive parents undertake with good intentions that don’t necessarily serve our children’s best interest. For more information, please click here to go to this title’s main page.



Packinghouse Daughter: A Memoir

A blend of memoir and history, this book is ultimately about social class in America, particularly working-class life in the Midwest. Packinghouse Daughter won an American Book Award, a Minnesota Book Award, and was a Booksense pick.  Its opening chapter was listed as a Notable Essay in Best American Essays. For more information, please click here to go to this title’s main page.


The Chronic Illness Experience: Embracing the Imperfect Life

A revised and retitled version of Living with Chronic Illness: Days of Patience and Passion, this book is based on personal experience and on interviews with 25 people who are “invisibly and interminably ill.” For more information, please click here to go to this title’s main page.



“Are Those Kids Yours?”: American Families with Children Adopted from Other Countries

Now regarded as a classic in American adoption literature, this book addresses the ethical questions that arise for would-be parents seeking to adopt internationally, as well as the practical questions that come up in raising children of another race or ethnicity. For more information, please click here to go to this title’s main page.