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I’m still around, living for the moment in Writer’s Limbo. I’ve sent in a book manuscript and signed a contract for its publication. The book, tentatively titled¬†For the Birds: The Life and Drainage of a Minnesota Wetland, is due out in Spring 2016. Any day now I should be getting the editor’s comments.¬† Soon, or when the work on the book is done, I’ll be back to blog. Once again, I’ll write on whim, when something strikes me as worthy of commentary. It might even be tomorrow. Thanks for checking in from time to time.

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  • Roberto Pachecano

    My wife, Carole Beth Faseler Pachecano, daugther of Glenn Elmer Faseler, spent the first 12 years of her life (1946-57) in Sau Paulo, Brasil. Glenn managed Wilson & Company’s cattle ranches in the interior of Brasil, sending tens of thousands of cattle to the U.S. for processing.

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