The Virtue of Restraint

Domesticated retrievers know it well . . .

2 comments to The Virtue of Restraint

  • I am a little disappointed, rather let down, by this posting. It could have been so much more. It showed up, title only, on my watch list today and I half expected a how-to posting on sexual bondage. Frankly this surprised me … just a little. It seemed a bit out of your realm, but hey, do we really know what’s going on in the secret world of our casual friends?

  • Cheri

    Once again, I’m letting Leila stand in for me while I’m too busy to write anything coherent. (Because I’m writing what I hope are coherent drafts toward a new book, one that will be a while in coming.) I’ll be back to the blog soon. When it comes to waterfowl, I DO know what’s going on in this creature’s mind.

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