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Cheri’s Books

The 1959 Wilson Meatpacking Strike

To Readers of Packinghouse Daughter:

Here is a recent video of interviews with two people whose lives were touched by the 1959 strike at the Wilson meatpacking plant in Albert Lea, MN:  Robert Pleiss, a management employee, who was required by terms of his job to work throughout the strike, and Robert Anderson, a [...]

Tribute to an Old Postmaster

The United States Postal Service has just put 3,600 post offices on a list to review for possible closure.  Four of them are in Freeborn County, Minnesota, where I grew up and where my writing interests currently center:  Conger, Freeborn, Hayward, and Twin Lakes.  This news prompts me to call back a prescient voice [...]

What happened to the Common Good?

I hesitate to use this space for political commentary.  That’s not my intention with the website and blog.  I am, however, a Minnesotan, and I shudder to think what might become of my state, which is currently shut down by a budget impasse.  Not only do I live here, but I was born and [...]