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Long Friendships Save Lives

Anyone who has read my writing about chronic illness knows that I live with a congenital liver disease.  Every now and then it makes its presence known via severe abdominal pain or shaky chills and a fever that spikes to 103 or higher.  When these warning signs hit, I head for the hospital.  It’s [...]

Leila in the Weigela

While I recover from illness, I’m letting my lovely labrador stand in for me.  My daughter took this photo with her cell phone while trying to hose Leila down after she’d rolled in a sandy puddle on the baseball diamond.

Finding a Voice

Last Saturday afternoon I said my goodbyes of the season to the six women remaining in my creative writing class at Shakopee Women’s Correctional Facility.  I’m pleased that all six want to be included when I reconstitute the class in the fall.  I encouraged them to set some writing goals for themselves and then [...]