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A Memorable Memorial Day

Back when my girls went to Minneapolis South High School and I had to pick them up from after-school activities, I often drove past a no longer active cemetery full of old white marble tombstones that sits at the corner of E. Lake St. and Cedar Ave. S.  I was curious about it, but [...]

Embodied Danger

I had a hard time tearing myself away from the Decorah aerie this morning.  After a week spent mostly in bed with chills and fever, I’m content just to sit and watch those magnificent birds and their view of the countryside beyond.  I’m in a musing frame of mind, but my fever-worn brain is [...]

If I Had a Camera . . .

When I walk around my neighborhood at the grip end of a retractable leash, following the whims of a black lab, I sometimes come upon images that I might photograph, or better, paint, if I were equipped to do either.  I could, of course, carry a camera, but I’ve learned that the two-dimensional copy, [...]

The Persistence of Social Class

Despite a University of Chicago education, several books published, international travel, a two-story house in a “nice” neighborhood with sidewalks . . .  I am still a working-class kid away from home.  Some little element in each day reminds me of that situation, and I mostly just chuckle or shake my head and let [...]

Happy Endings in Adoption

The happily-ever-after ending is a fixture of upbeat adoption stories.  How many newspaper features have you read about cute, foreign babies placed in the arms of longing parents struck childless by infertility?  How many joyously tearful reunions have you watched on Oprah-like TV shows, most recently Oprah’s own reunion with a sister she hadn’t [...]

Mothers in Prison

When I arrive at the Shakopee prison library to teach my class on Saturday afternoons, I catch the final minutes of story time, a feature of the Anthony Parenting Program, a rare in-house, overnight program that helps incarcerated women maintain and improve their relationships with their children.  The hush in the crowded library might [...]