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Archives or Dumpster?

This winter’s unusual length and ferocity have forced me into a week-long reckoning with my entire literate life.  No, I’m not on a spiritual retreat; this reckoning is material–full of the stuff of life.  An ice dam on the roof in December sent water cascading down my study wall and bowed the ceiling.  The [...]

Eagles! Live!

If there’s anyone left in the world who hasn’t yet been introduced to the brooding eagles 80 feet up in a cottonwood tree near the Decorah, Iowa, fish hatchery, here is the Raptor Resource Center’s 24/7 live video feed.  If you have read my posted cardinal essay, you know how easily I [...]

About the Banner Photos 2

I’ve had a couple of requests to make the banner photos bigger or deeper or slower to change.  Their size is a function of the template on which the website is constructed, so I can’t alter them without shifting other aspects of the page.  Anyway, I like the way they work as teasers.  I [...]

Quote: Fly or Bee?

This quotation from the Reverend Henry Ward Beecher arrived in my mail yesterday, in The Presbyterian Heritage newsletter.  It certainly sounds Protestant, and it suits my Midwestern upbringing by Depression-era parents as well.  How do you shake free of a legacy like this?  Or do you just work with it?

“The bread which we [...]