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Cheri’s Books

The Comfort of Old Books

Credit this wonderful image to my friend Mariann Tiblin, retired Scandinavian bibliographer of the University of Minnesota Libraries:

Mariann recently helped coordinate a local sale of used Swedish books.  (I bought my share.)  Afterwards she wondered how to dispose of the volumes that didn’t sell.  She offered them to the Salvation Army, and was [...]

About the Banner Photos 1

I’ve received two questions about my revolving banner photos, so I’m going to introduce them one by one.  The theme I was going for is Landscape and Memory, which corresponds to my current writing project.  My photo choices are limited, however, because I own neither a scanner nor a digital camera.  I resort to [...]

Kudos to the Loft

The Loft Literary Center hosted an energizing Creative Non-Fiction Conference last weekend, March 11-13. I was thrilled with the outcome of my own session, “Ghostly Obsessions: Writing from History.” History has not been an easy sell among my Loft students. Historical research is often perceived as adding dry context to a memoir holding desperately [...]

New Endeavor

If you’ve been to my old green, dandelion-crowned website, SURPRISE!  Here’s the brand new look.  I first went on the web in 2005, when Brian Boyd of Yeong and Yeong Books, the publisher of my book Beyond Good Intentions, encouraged me to do so.  I could do little with that first format other than [...]