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No Time

I have gone missing from this blog for most of the summer. Yes, I’m still mourning the loss of Leila and still being surprised by her absence in odd moments.  The prime explanation for my silence, however, is that I’ve been writing elsewhere. I’ve been working, pushing ahead on the research and drafting of [...]

Worst Book Reviews

I have not been much troubled by bad reviews of my publications. They have been few, thankfully, and they have generally not surprised me. I knew that Beyond Good Intentions would disgruntle some readers, because it takes up matters already controversial among adoptive parents. No book review has yet left me feeling personally aggrieved.  [...]

Writing Is Scary

I have almost cleared my calendar of loose ends and extraneous obligations. I have taken the summer and fall off from teaching at the Loft.  I am presumably ready to focus: to sit down and draft pieces of the book I’ve been researching for far too long.  So why the trepidation?  Well, writing is [...]


In his introduction to The Art of the Personal Essay, the text for my fall Loft course, Phillip Lopate quotes the early eighteenth century British essayist Joseph Addison:  “I live in the World rather as a Spectator of Mankind than as one of the species.”  In fact, Addison and his co-editor, Richard Steele, chose [...]

Finding a Voice

Last Saturday afternoon I said my goodbyes of the season to the six women remaining in my creative writing class at Shakopee Women’s Correctional Facility.  I’m pleased that all six want to be included when I reconstitute the class in the fall.  I encouraged them to set some writing goals for themselves and then [...]

Archives or Dumpster?

This winter’s unusual length and ferocity have forced me into a week-long reckoning with my entire literate life.  No, I’m not on a spiritual retreat; this reckoning is material–full of the stuff of life.  An ice dam on the roof in December sent water cascading down my study wall and bowed the ceiling.  The [...]

About the Banner Photos 1

I’ve received two questions about my revolving banner photos, so I’m going to introduce them one by one.  The theme I was going for is Landscape and Memory, which corresponds to my current writing project.  My photo choices are limited, however, because I own neither a scanner nor a digital camera.  I resort to [...]

Kudos to the Loft

The Loft Literary Center hosted an energizing Creative Non-Fiction Conference last weekend, March 11-13. I was thrilled with the outcome of my own session, “Ghostly Obsessions: Writing from History.” History has not been an easy sell among my Loft students. Historical research is often perceived as adding dry context to a memoir holding desperately [...]

New Endeavor

If you’ve been to my old green, dandelion-crowned website, SURPRISE!  Here’s the brand new look.  I first went on the web in 2005, when Brian Boyd of Yeong and Yeong Books, the publisher of my book Beyond Good Intentions, encouraged me to do so.  I could do little with that first format other than [...]