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Cheri’s Books

An Antidote to Cynicism

Tomorrow’s election will, I hope, bring an end to one of the nastiest, most mendacious campaign seasons I’ve ever lived through. The influx of millions of dollars from SuperPacs, self-serving interest groups kept anonymous and accountable to no one, some of them even organized as tax-free non-profits, threatens to undermine our democracy.  I’ve been [...]

The Whole Picture

This morning while I was driving along Excelsior Boulevard in St. Louis Park, MN (hometown of Senator Al Franken, Thomas Friedman, and the Coen Brothers) I made a sad, but not surprising, discovery:  The building that housed one of my favorite stores, Latitudes, was standing empty and for rent.  Latitudes sold globes and maps [...]

Culture and Comfort

How do you take the measure of a place you are visiting for the first time? As a Midwesterner, I watch first for variations in landscape and skyscape. Maybe that’s because I grew up in the oak savanna transition zone between hardwood forest and prairie, where I noted subtle variations even on daily trips.  [...]

My Diversity Challenge

I pride myself on being a person who welcomes diversity.  I fancy myself to be open to all varieties of humanity, even those I have not yet encountered.  I don’t use the word “different,” or worse “real differ’nt,” as an epithet, the way I heard it used in my hometown when I was a [...]

Comfort in a World of Enmity

My first weak attempt at spring cleaning has turned up the printed discussion materials from a Lenten covenant group I took part in at my Presbyterian church.  This question caught my attention, as it had done the first time I encountered it during Lent:

The Heidelberg Catechism in our Book of Confessions asks, “What [...]


The last week in January brought the death of a relative who has loomed large in my consciousness of family despite his diminishing physical presence in my life through the decades.  My outlaw cousin, whom I will not name here out of concern for his children and grandchildren, died a natural death after a [...]

Family Ties, and Some Stubborn Knots

Today is the centenary of my dad’s birth.  Gordon Leslie Register was born on January 16, 1912, and died on November 30, 2004, six weeks short of 93.  I could go many directions from here, but ultimately my subject will be the maintenance of family ties.

For too long already I have been doing [...]

Humanities Education and a Life of Good Will

Education in the humanities is under siege again . . . or still.  In a period of joblessness, training people in the barely lucrative fields of art, music, literature, language, social and cultural history may seem like an indulgence, as Florida’s governor Rick Scott recently proclaimed and as Mitt Romney apparently believes, having said [...]

A Season of Change

The weather forecasters say it will hit 85 on this golden-hued October day in Minneapolis, yet I see the evidence of a long winter ahead.  I have only to look out my bathroom window.  The eave trough along my porch roof is lined with walnuts.  The planter box on the deck, with impatiens still [...]

Guardians of History

I have neglected this space for nearly a month due to a road trip with friends, a much awaited visit from my daughter and son-in-law, and the gearing up of a new teaching semester.  It’s the road trip that inspires this post, namely because it renewed my appreciation of people who see to the [...]