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I have been at work the last couple of weeks drafting a chapter on 1877.  Yes, I just picked a year that might show changes afoot that advance the story I’m telling about the transformation of a landscape–to be precise, the drainage of a large wetland. I chose 1877 because I happened to learn [...]

No Time

I have gone missing from this blog for most of the summer. Yes, I’m still mourning the loss of Leila and still being surprised by her absence in odd moments.  The prime explanation for my silence, however, is that I’ve been writing elsewhere. I’ve been working, pushing ahead on the research and drafting of [...]

Worst Book Reviews

I have not been much troubled by bad reviews of my publications. They have been few, thankfully, and they have generally not surprised me. I knew that Beyond Good Intentions would disgruntle some readers, because it takes up matters already controversial among adoptive parents. No book review has yet left me feeling personally aggrieved.  [...]

The Whole Picture

This morning while I was driving along Excelsior Boulevard in St. Louis Park, MN (hometown of Senator Al Franken, Thomas Friedman, and the Coen Brothers) I made a sad, but not surprising, discovery:  The building that housed one of my favorite stores, Latitudes, was standing empty and for rent.  Latitudes sold globes and maps [...]

Comfort in a World of Enmity

My first weak attempt at spring cleaning has turned up the printed discussion materials from a Lenten covenant group I took part in at my Presbyterian church.  This question caught my attention, as it had done the first time I encountered it during Lent:

The Heidelberg Catechism in our Book of Confessions asks, “What [...]

Writing Exercises

In nearly all the classes I teach at the Loft Literary Center, I declare the classroom sacred writing space from 10 minutes before the official start time to 10 minutes after. Besides allowing people to straggle in from rush hour gridlock and the hunt for parking, it affirms the mission that brings us together [...]

Advice for Writing Groups

A core mission of the Loft Literary Center, where I teach, is to foster a writing community. A tangible sign of this mission at work is the independent writing groups that students form after a course is finished.  Some last for years; others dissipate due to busy lives, mismatched skills, or issues with group [...]

Humanities Education and a Life of Good Will

Education in the humanities is under siege again . . . or still.  In a period of joblessness, training people in the barely lucrative fields of art, music, literature, language, social and cultural history may seem like an indulgence, as Florida’s governor Rick Scott recently proclaimed and as Mitt Romney apparently believes, having said [...]

Quote: Fly or Bee?

This quotation from the Reverend Henry Ward Beecher arrived in my mail yesterday, in The Presbyterian Heritage newsletter.  It certainly sounds Protestant, and it suits my Midwestern upbringing by Depression-era parents as well.  How do you shake free of a legacy like this?  Or do you just work with it?

“The bread which we [...]

The Comfort of Old Books

Credit this wonderful image to my friend Mariann Tiblin, retired Scandinavian bibliographer of the University of Minnesota Libraries:

Mariann recently helped coordinate a local sale of used Swedish books.  (I bought my share.)  Afterwards she wondered how to dispose of the volumes that didn’t sell.  She offered them to the Salvation Army, and was [...]