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“Plummeting” Adoption: What’s the Story?

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything public on international adoption. Speaking engagements have subsided, as well, in part because adult adoptees have stepped up to the podium and claimed their right to shape the adoption story, a development I cheer. Today, however, I’m moved to join in.

Driving home yesterday, I heard [...]


The last week in January brought the death of a relative who has loomed large in my consciousness of family despite his diminishing physical presence in my life through the decades.  My outlaw cousin, whom I will not name here out of concern for his children and grandchildren, died a natural death after a [...]

Happy Endings in Adoption

The happily-ever-after ending is a fixture of upbeat adoption stories.  How many newspaper features have you read about cute, foreign babies placed in the arms of longing parents struck childless by infertility?  How many joyously tearful reunions have you watched on Oprah-like TV shows, most recently Oprah’s own reunion with a sister she hadn’t [...]