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Gångna tider

I feel as though I’ve sliced off a chunk of my life and let it fall away. In the midst of a serious basement cleaning, I came across a cardboard box taped shut and marked “Scandinavian Stuff to Store.” I doubt that the box was opened on its move from a former home to [...]

Hope and New Shoes

Last week an overloaded boat full of African migrants seeking refuge in Europe capsized off the Italian island of Lampedusa, at the cost of at least 143 lives.  I learned of Lampedusa only weeks ago, while playing the online game Geoguessr. What I saw onscreen was a quite rundown Italian city. I had no [...]


I have been at work the last couple of weeks drafting a chapter on 1877.  Yes, I just picked a year that might show changes afoot that advance the story I’m telling about the transformation of a landscape–to be precise, the drainage of a large wetland. I chose 1877 because I happened to learn [...]

No Time

I have gone missing from this blog for most of the summer. Yes, I’m still mourning the loss of Leila and still being surprised by her absence in odd moments.  The prime explanation for my silence, however, is that I’ve been writing elsewhere. I’ve been working, pushing ahead on the research and drafting of [...]

To Spinster Teachers and Unordained Preachers

This morning I had the pleasure of hearing a sermon preached by Anna Kendig, who will be ordained to the Presbyterian ministry this coming Saturday. I watched Anna grow up, and I still remember the sermon she gave on behalf of her fellow seniors on a Youth Sunday about ten years ago. It was [...]

An Antidote to Cynicism

Tomorrow’s election will, I hope, bring an end to one of the nastiest, most mendacious campaign seasons I’ve ever lived through. The influx of millions of dollars from SuperPacs, self-serving interest groups kept anonymous and accountable to no one, some of them even organized as tax-free non-profits, threatens to undermine our democracy.  I’ve been [...]

The Whole Picture

This morning while I was driving along Excelsior Boulevard in St. Louis Park, MN (hometown of Senator Al Franken, Thomas Friedman, and the Coen Brothers) I made a sad, but not surprising, discovery:  The building that housed one of my favorite stores, Latitudes, was standing empty and for rent.  Latitudes sold globes and maps [...]

Save Your Receipts!

For the past several years, the historians and genealogists in the Register family have puzzled over two questions:  Where is Harriet buried? Whatever happened to her husband, John? A delightful June trip to Kansas, where I met third cousins I never knew I had, has solved one mystery and maybe the other.

First, [...]

Comfort in a World of Enmity

My first weak attempt at spring cleaning has turned up the printed discussion materials from a Lenten covenant group I took part in at my Presbyterian church.  This question caught my attention, as it had done the first time I encountered it during Lent:

The Heidelberg Catechism in our Book of Confessions asks, “What [...]