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Cheri’s Books

Perpetual Winter

Here in Minnesota we expect another winter storm tomorrow, past the midway point of April, before the snow from our early April storm has even finished melting away. The 50 degree day promised at the end of every week’s weather calendar keeps moving ahead, luring us day by day through a cold and dreary [...]

Humanities Education and a Life of Good Will

Education in the humanities is under siege again . . . or still.  In a period of joblessness, training people in the barely lucrative fields of art, music, literature, language, social and cultural history may seem like an indulgence, as Florida’s governor Rick Scott recently proclaimed and as Mitt Romney apparently believes, having said [...]

The Aleatory Garden

I first learned the word “aleatory” in reference to music.  The first FM radio station of my life, WFMT in Chicago, would occasionally introduce a piece as “aleatory music,” sounds arranged randomly or by some pattern other than the usual rules of harmonics.  My college dorm social circle included a composer of aleatory music, [...]

Long Friendships Save Lives

Anyone who has read my writing about chronic illness knows that I live with a congenital liver disease.  Every now and then it makes its presence known via severe abdominal pain or shaky chills and a fever that spikes to 103 or higher.  When these warning signs hit, I head for the hospital.  It’s [...]