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Cheri’s Books

Culture and Comfort

How do you take the measure of a place you are visiting for the first time? As a Midwesterner, I watch first for variations in landscape and skyscape. Maybe that’s because I grew up in the oak savanna transition zone between hardwood forest and prairie, where I noted subtle variations even on daily trips.  [...]

My Diversity Challenge

I pride myself on being a person who welcomes diversity.  I fancy myself to be open to all varieties of humanity, even those I have not yet encountered.  I don’t use the word “different,” or worse “real differ’nt,” as an epithet, the way I heard it used in my hometown when I was a [...]

My Social Network, “American Bandstand”

The same day Dick Clark died, I read yet another newspaper lament about the Facebook generation’s lack of genuine community.  Reliance on a virtual community, rather than face-to-face engagement, is exacerbating young people’s loneliness, the article maintained.  Had Dick Clark’s death not tossed me back to the reality check of memory, I might have [...]

Family Ties, and Some Stubborn Knots

Today is the centenary of my dad’s birth.  Gordon Leslie Register was born on January 16, 1912, and died on November 30, 2004, six weeks short of 93.  I could go many directions from here, but ultimately my subject will be the maintenance of family ties.

For too long already I have been doing [...]

Archives or Dumpster?

This winter’s unusual length and ferocity have forced me into a week-long reckoning with my entire literate life.  No, I’m not on a spiritual retreat; this reckoning is material–full of the stuff of life.  An ice dam on the roof in December sent water cascading down my study wall and bowed the ceiling.  The [...]

Quote: Fly or Bee?

This quotation from the Reverend Henry Ward Beecher arrived in my mail yesterday, in The Presbyterian Heritage newsletter.  It certainly sounds Protestant, and it suits my Midwestern upbringing by Depression-era parents as well.  How do you shake free of a legacy like this?  Or do you just work with it?

“The bread which we [...]

New Endeavor

If you’ve been to my old green, dandelion-crowned website, SURPRISE!  Here’s the brand new look.  I first went on the web in 2005, when Brian Boyd of Yeong and Yeong Books, the publisher of my book Beyond Good Intentions, encouraged me to do so.  I could do little with that first format other than [...]